Life on Mars thousands of years ago?

July 29, 2017

I have been gone a wile. Sorry to the 14 of you who listen to my nonsense. BUT I'M BACK!

So is there such thing as a stupid question? I am sure some would argue yes and some no. In truth I don't really know where I stand with my opinion on that, however, Congresman Rohrabacher recently had the opportunity to ask some folks from NASA about the possibility of Mars once sustaining a civilization. Now he may have not phrased the question well and I doubt he is well versed in the scientific world. But his question showed curiosity about the possibily of life on other worlds and the awesomeness of the universe which is an amazing thing no matter who you are. Putting our personal politics aside, I find it odd at the amount of people's shitty comments about this mans question about life possibly once existing on Mars.

Also Japan now has an adorable drone on the ISS and I'm making a movie maybe,perhaps? Listen to my ramblings and find out!



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