STAR TREK DISCOVERY & its a billion degrees in toronto

September 27, 2017

Its September 27th and its 36 degrees outside here in Toronto. I'm melting here and beer isn't helping!!!! BUT all isn't lost. Lets talk about Star trek discovery. The first Star trek tv series we have had in over a decade. I will warn you, the heat is casing my brain to not brain as well so the nonsensical rambling is at 120% and there will be spoilers... ENJOY!


visit for more stuff! i'll start updating the site soon... I promis!



JJ back for Star wars E9, Star trek discovery is coming and I have to go to a wedding.

September 24, 2017

It's a new day! A new day for a morning beer... Don't judge!

JJ Abrams is back in the directors chair for Star Wars episode 9. Star Trek is back on TV with the new Star Trek Discovery, as a fan I am excited, but also a little concerned and gassy. Also I have a wedding to go to. will I get to drunk and make an ass out of myself? Probably.

Crack open a beer and and lets waste 30 minutes of your day!


And a ona  side note, if you want to show some live to the indie sci-fi CRITERIA click the link!





New Star trek and FANEXPO Toronto

September 9, 2017

It's been awile, sorry to disapoint my 5 listeners. But I'm back, i have some free time again HAZZA! So here is a bit of rambling, some thoughts on the new Star Trek Discovery show and FANEXPO CANADA!! All free all for your ear balls. Hope you enjoy!


Life on Mars thousands of years ago?

July 29, 2017

I have been gone a wile. Sorry to the 14 of you who listen to my nonsense. BUT I'M BACK!

So is there such thing as a stupid question? I am sure some would argue yes and some no. In truth I don't really know where I stand with my opinion on that, however, Congresman Rohrabacher recently had the opportunity to ask some folks from NASA about the possibility of Mars once sustaining a civilization. Now he may have not phrased the question well and I doubt he is well versed in the scientific world. But his question showed curiosity about the possibily of life on other worlds and the awesomeness of the universe which is an amazing thing no matter who you are. Putting our personal politics aside, I find it odd at the amount of people's shitty comments about this mans question about life possibly once existing on Mars.

Also Japan now has an adorable drone on the ISS and I'm making a movie maybe,perhaps? Listen to my ramblings and find out!



Just let video games be video games. And film noir Batman maybe perhaps?

July 8, 2017

Well, I'm uploading late once more. No matter, I’m sure the 12 of you that listen to my nonsense are not holding any grudges.

Evidently video games are not better exploring the hard hitting social and political issues that us as humans face in this modern world. After our playable hero makes quick work of the foes that mean them harm, it seems that some want to see a more traumatized hero, a more realistic reaction to the simulated violence. And here I was thinking games are just GAMES! They didn’t need to be any more then that. They are a form of entertainment and escape from the reality we must all face. I guess I was wrong. How dare I!

Also the new BATMAN movie, film noir maybe perhaps. I am for it!!




June 25, 2017

Once again, I am uploading this podcast late. “MATT! Get you SH!T together.” Anywho are you all doing well on your day to day? Do you love what you do? Or are you just dragging those feet to that cubicle or retail outlet that you are beholden to cause they those checks that barley cover your cost of very basic living? Staring at that clock that seems to tick slower and slower with each passing second, cursing under your breath at each mouth breathing knuckle dragger that walks through the door?


But what I ask are you going to do. Do you have an escape plan? Lets figure it out, you and me together! WE CAN DO THIS SON!!



Music, Wonder women, E3 and our friends the flat erthers.

June 15, 2017


Last Sunday I saw the Deftones here in Toronto at the Bud stage with my buddy, we drank to many king cans resulting in a rough Monday hangover. So it was a good opportunity to see Wonder Women, witch was awesome! Check it out... Or don’t. I can't control you. E3 had some sweet games this year, so i ramble about that a little. And did you know jumping disproves gravity so saith the Flat earthers. 




video games & WONDER WOMEN 92% on rotten tomato’s!! Awesome!

June 1, 2017


So... I'm hungover, this podcast is going to be a rough incoherent 30 minutes, so, you've been warned. There is a bit of gaming talk, as I am finally going through Assassins Creed Syndicate and it's ok, not really wowing me, but, whatever its and older title... Sorta. WONDER WOMEN though!! its got a 92% on rotten tomatos and comes out tomorrow, so I'm super stoked! Lets talk about that a bit as I shake off my hangover.



Flat Earth 2. The re-flattening.

May 27, 2017


It's Saturday, I got a belly full of beer, a basic grasp on science and a beef with the flat earth ding dongs vomiting half backed double Pseudoscience into my ear balls. I'm talking to you ODD.



Nick Armolavicius indie film maker!

May 18, 2017


Today I'm joined by my buddy Nick Armolavicius ho is an indie film maker here in Toronto. He is currently working on his first feature length scifi “Criteria.” So we're talking about that and whatever else enter our mind brain and leaves our mouths.


you can follow Nick on instagram @street_geographic